Planning to Start a Family with a Costly Child in Hong Kong? Think Again & Plan Ahead!

A Head to Head Comparison
Costly Child HK VS Canada

As the cost of raising a child in Hong Kong becomes astronomical, parents are looking abroad. They know people in other countries seem to get top notch education, excellent healthcare and a superior quality of life at a much lower cost. But how much lower?


You’ll need at least HK$ 6,000,000 to raise a child in Hong Kong (at current prices; inflation not included).

Hong Kongers are looking for better and less costly alternatives for their children. Having a Child Is Expensive No Matter Where You Live, But It’s Far Cheaper in Canada!

*Source: The Wall Street Journal

† Source:

What you can do for the cost of raising a child in Hong Kong?

For the cost of raising a child in Hong Kong, you can:

  • Secure an English language, higher quality, lower stress education designed for the 21st century.
  • Access world class healthcare for your entire family.
  • Use the excess funds to invest in your own business.
  • Upgrade the lifestyle of your whole family.
  • Spend quality time with your family

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