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Step 1 - Book your consultation

To book a consultation with us, please fill out the form below:
Alternatively, you can also contact our office by email or by phone +852 2815 9066 to provide us your information and to schedule an appointment. In that case, please include the following information so we can serve you better:

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All the information you are providing to us below is strictly confidential and as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, we have professional obligation to keep all confidential information we receive within a consultant-client relationship.
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I am willing to pay HKD 500 for the first 30 – minute consultation.

Step 2 – at the initial consultation

When you are at your scheduled consultation, the consultant will carefully listen to and discuss with you your case and your questions. Then, he or she will provide you with advice on which steps and options are available in your case. Sometimes there can be more than one possible way to solve your question, and consultant will explain to you the pros and the cons of each solution in the light of your circumstances.

It will be up to you to decide if you would like to proceed and which way you’d like to proceed. The consultant will also advise you of the approximate fees associated with the types of services that will be available in your case.

Step 3 – Signing a Service Agreement

If you agree to proceed and will decide upon a specific type of service you would like to receive from us, you will sign a Service Agreement with our firm. By signing this document, you are officially hiring us to work on your case and are agreeing to pay the fees and follow the conditions outlined therein. It is your responsibility to read everything in the agreement carefully and to ask us any questions or ask for clarification about any of the points contained in the Service Agreement.

Step 4 – Collecting your documents

After you sign the Service Agreement with us, we will provide you a personalized list of documents we will need from you to compile your application and present your case in the strongest possible way.

It is your responsibility to carefully follow our instructions and attentively read the documents that we are asking from you. We cannot submit your application if you are not providing us with the necessary evidence and documents. The success of your application or your case for a big part depends on your ability to provide strong evidence and follow our instructions.

Step 5 – Preparing the submissions

Once we receive all the required documents from you, we will work on the submission file. It is important to understand that this is an essential part of your application, as in it we are convincing the government to approve your application. We are not simply putting your documents together and adding our seal on it, we are ensuring that your situation is presented in a detailed and convincing way.

Step 6 – Submitting your application

Once we have all the documents from you, all the signed forms and the submission letter is complete, we will send the application to the corresponding government office. The courier or post fees will apply. Some applications can be submitted online through a government portal or by email. We always keep an electronic copy of the whole application package for our and your records.

Step 7 – After the application is submitted

After your application is submitted, we must wait for the corresponding government office to communicate with us. Usually, before they decide, they send an acknowledgment of receipt and sometimes can request you so supply additional information or documentation. When they do that, they usually give a deadline of 30 or 60 days. We immediately inform you about such requests with a detailed explanation of what it is the government wants from you, and it is your responsibility to provide this documentation to us on time before the deadline.

If your application is approved, there are often additional steps the government will ask you to do to finalize it. We will provide you with detailed instructions and explanation about any such steps.
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