Study Plan Template

My name is {Name:60} and I am intending to pursue a programme of study in Canada in the area of {Programme of Study:78} at {Name of institution:6} .

I am applying to study in Canada in this programme as I believe it will improve my job prospects in {Home Country: (Country):58.6} once I have completed the programme. This will enable me to qualify for more meaningful work, challenging opportunities and enhanced opportunities.
The credentials that I will achieve by completing the {Programme of Study:78} Programme are required for my chosen career as a {Job/career:75}.I aim to become a {Job/career:77} and this programme of study is very relevant.

The programme offered in Canada is not available in a meaningfully comparable way in {Home Country: (Country):58.6}. While somewhat similar programmes are available at some institutions in {Home Country: (Country):58.6}, the quality of the Canadian programmes is much higher and the additional credibility will vastly improve my career prospects.The {Programme of Study:78} Programme is among the best in the world and completing it will provide me with the best possible education in the field, helping to broaden my opportunities at home and for an international career, should that be possible.Completing the {Programme of Study:78} Programme will be an advantage in my local job market, putting me in a competitive position.

The quality of education, knowledge and skills acquired and the reputation of {Name of institution:6} will both serve to improve my work opportunities. My objective is to work as a {Job/career:77} and this programme will mean I possess the necessary qualification, to be eligible to pursue this opportunity. Completing the {Programme of Study:78} Programme will qualify me for a promotion when I return to my current job in {Home Country: (Country):58.6}. While I enjoy my current work, I aspire to step into more senior roles in higher level management where I can exercise skills in a leadership role. This {Programme of Study:78} Programme will open doors to this type of role.

The {Name of institution:6} I am applying to has a vibrant intern programme with placement services to help students to receive relevant work experience outside of the traditional classroom learning. Successful internships provide valuable experience, references to support my work when I return to my home country and connections that can help to build bridges between Canada and my {Home Country: (Country):58.6}. I also expect that participation in the {Programme of Study:78} Programme wil put me in contact with fellow students and other people in Canada that could be valuable to my current (and future) employers as a networking bridge between Canada and {Home Country: (Country):58.6}.

Beyond career prospects, the quality of the education is a priority for me, especially given the commitment in time, travel and cost. The quality of Canadian education in general, and at {Name of institution:6} is well known and my comparative research has led me to seek out this {Programme of Study:78}. The {Programme of Study:78} I have applied for is among the best in the world. This college offers smaller class sizes and the chance to establish close relationships with other students and my professors. I thrive in a collaborative environment where I have the opportunity to engage with other students and work together to complete assignments.

This college offers smaller class sizes and the chance to establish close relationships with other students and my professors. I thrive in a collaborative environment where I have the opportunity to engage with other students and work together to complete assignments. This designated learning institute can maximize my post-college opportunities while still in school. They have an impressive alumni network, and this helped me land a great summer internship.
I have received a scholarship in the amount of {state amount:87} from ({Name of institution:6}) as recognition of my high likelihood of succeeding in this field of study and my past academic achievements.
I will be playing for a sports team for the designated learning institute. Specifically, I will be playing {Name the sport:89} for {Name the sports team:88} .

Furthermore, I expect that my career perspective and personal growth will be expanded by being exposed to the diverse faculty, student body and culture that Canada is famous for. This programme will also enable me to gain more competency in a broad range of areas including time management, organization, communication, critical thinking and working in a team environment.
As a young person, living abroad will help me to develop as a person, acquiring life skills such as living independently, social skills and managing money.
In addition, I would like to broaden my horizon and meet new people and try new social activities.
Canada is a country renowned for its friendly people and welcoming stance towards newcomers, in stark contrast to some other jurisdictions. I look forward to making new friends

In {Home Country: (Country):58.6}, education tends to focus on rote learning and the memorisation of facts. This style of education does not satisfy my expectation that quality education should equip me with practical skills that arise from using my acquired knowledge to creatively attack problems and find solutions and opportunities to life and career challenges. In fact, creativity can be actively discouraged in my local education system, leaving little room to apply valuable education in any meaningful way.

{Choose one of ::117}
{Choose all that apply::95}
{Include full name of guardian:96}
{Name of institution:6} has accepted me as a student based, in part, on my past academic credentials. The most relevant of these completed programmes include:

{Institution 1 Degree, Diploma or Certification AwardedUntitled:98}
Year Completed: {Programme of Study Completed (Year):118}

{Institution 2 Degree, Diploma or Certification AwardedUntitled:101}
{enhance value:120} {Programme of Study Completed (Year):119}

In summary, I am excited to pursue a plan of study in Canada to further my education. I expect the programme, when completed, will

{Choose all that apply: (Improve my job opportunities and salary):32.1}
{Choose all that apply: (secure a promotion):32.2}
{Choose all that apply: (enhance my income earning potential in):32.3} {Hong Kong:99}
{Choose all that apply: (Expand my range of life experiences):32.4}
{Choose all that apply: (Build character through international exposure.):32.5}

With your forbearance, I look forward to studying in Canada and returning to brighter prospects at home for the foreseeable future.

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