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"5 Benefits of Immigration to Canada" is better


One of the wealthiest and largest immigrant countries in the world. Canada is one of the most economically productive countries in the world, with a GDP exceeding $1.6 trillion


Canadian citizens and permanent residents all enjoy 12 years of free education and life time medical benefits.


High world ranking in government transparency, civil liberties, economic freedom, education, health and medical system.


Canadian passport holders may travel visa free to 154 countries around the world.


It is multicultural, ethnically diverse and democratic, renown for excellence in research, innovation and the strong work ethic of the people, making Canada an ideal environment to operate any businesses.



Canada ranked 3rd in the Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement! Offering a great healthcare system and varied lifestyle choices.

Best Countries for a Comfortable Retirement These are the top countries affluent people consider for where to live out their lives. By Kevin Drew | Staff Editor Jan. …

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Planning to Start a Family with a Costly Child in Hong Kong? Think Again & Plan Ahead!

A Head to Head ComparisonCostly Child HK VS Canada As the cost of raising a child in Hong Kong becomes astronomical, parents are looking abroad. …

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Our Testimonials


Alisha and her family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada when she was fourteen. She made the most of Canada’s opportunities by securing a Bachelor degree (B. pharm) from the University of British Columbia and an MBA degree in Finance from the University of Victoria. She and her family knows of the difficulties of immigrating to another country.

Alisha is experienced and stays on the cutting edge as a registered Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). She advises and assists successful entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, professionals, business elites and their families with immigration and education planning. Clients trust her confidence and competence, as she understands the hope, dreams, concerns and aspirations involved in relocating to Canada. She is always here to make it happen for you and your families to ensure the best possible start at your new lives in Canada.

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