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Our mission is to make your immigration journey to Canada effortless. Always.

Permanent Residency

As a permanent resident of Canada, you can live, work or study anywhere in Canada. Assess your eligibility.

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Business Immigration

As an entrepreneur, you will be welcomed to Canada. The Business Immigration Program has been designed to make your immigration journey effortless.

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Temporary Residence

Eligible visitors, international students, foreign workers and temporary resident permit holders qualify for temporary resident status in Canada.

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Overcoming Inadmissibility

Inadmissibility may not end your dreams of coming to Canada legally. There are workable options for overcoming inadmissibility.

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Visa Tonic

Visa Tonic is an innovative solution with a commitment: We combine cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to make your immigration journey to Canada efficient, effortless and uneventful. Simply upload the requested documents and make an online payment. We will take care of the rest.

Student Visa

Completes your study permit application from your uploaded documents within 48 hours.

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Visitor Visa

Completes your visitor visa application from your uploaded documents within 48 hours.

Work Permit

Completes your work permit application from your uploaded documents within 7 days.

Real results from real people

Alisha is a highly qualified and professional immigration consultant. My family and I were able to obtain our permanent residency for Canada through the economic pathway. During our long and complex immigration journey, Alisha has been available to us not only for our specific immigration needs but also as a source of information and direction for general queries. In particular; Alisha made the process easy by taking ownership of the immigration file and guiding us through various challenges such as obtaining mandatory medical examinations for our family members who were scattered around the globe during the global pandemic. I would highly recommend Alisha to anyone planning to immigrate to Canada.

Alan Ho

IT Specialist

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Alisha. Her expertise helped me to enroll into the academic program of my dreams in Canada and obtain my study permit in a timely manner. In particular, Alisha helped me to navigate through an administrative situation during the college application process which was something out of the scope of my knowledge. I definitely recommend her services to anyone with doubts or concerns; Alisha will always have new insights and workable options you may never have considered. She derives great satisfaction in helping clients solve complex immigration problems.

KH Lai

Property Surveyor